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Country: Ireland
Genre: Rockabilly

Sean Foy: vocals/lead guitar
Frank Rynne: rhythm guitar
Pat Harte: double bass.
Leo Regan: drums

Hep Bop/Boy Meets Girls – 7” – Souterrain Records – 1984
Don’t Bring Me Down / What I Say – 7” – Solid Records – 1987

Those Handsome Devils formed in 1983, first playing inder the name of Crazy Times. At first they were just Foy and Harte busking in the streets of Dublin. Then they were joined by drummer Leo O’Regan who left after a few gigs to be replaced by Johnny Bonnie. At the same time a rhythm guitar player, Frank Rynne, was added. By the time the band recorded its first single Bonnie had left to be replaced by Leo Regan. The single was recorded at the famous Windmill Lane studios with producer P.J. Curtis. It was very well received and was made “single of the week”. Some other songs were recorded but never released at the time like the classic Johnny Cynic, an original later covered by Sharkbait (their version can be heard on the Live At the Klub Foot album) and Scared Stiff.
In 1986 the band switched to electric bass and opted for a more garage sound and released their second single but disbanded soon after.
They reformed in 2007 for a one off gig in Dublin.

Country: UK
Genre: Rockabilly, Swing, Jive

John O’Malley: Vocals/Lead Guitarist
Spencer Lingwood: drums and vocals
Zac Zdravkovic: doublebass and vocals

Cocktail Swing - Vinyl Japan

The Poker Dotsgot together in Spring 2002 when John O’Malley (Nitro’s, Rabbit Action), Zac Zdravkovic and Spencer Lingwod were playing for Good Rockin’ Tonight. They were influenced by The Platters,The Crew Cuts,The Chestnuts and The Keytones to name but a few. Other influences stretch as far back as Django Reinhardt and Nat King Cole. Having piled themselves into Zacs studio,they were let loose to rejuvinate some of their favourite tunes adding the Poker Dot flavour and having a ball while doing it. The result was cool, crisp and slick with sweet harmonies to give it that retro sound for this first cd.
All three members are currently working with different outfits, John O’Malley has remained playing lead guitar for Good Rockin..Tonight, Zac Zdravkovic went on to form top jive band The Jive Romeros, this time on lead guitar and Spencer Lingwood is now hitting the skins for the Rock’n’Roll stage show Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

Country: UK
Genre: Tockabilly, Rock’n’Roll

  A rockin’ band from Bristol featuring Kevin Haynes who later formed Torment with Simon Brand. Their bassist - Sean Holder briefly played with Torment too.

Country: UK
Genre: Rockabilly

Stuart Warburton: vocals, rhythm guitar, tenor saxophone, harmonica
Paul Murphy: lead guitar/steel guitar
Phil Morris: double bass
Gary Leach: drums

This British rockabilly quartet formed in the early 80’s. They had two tracks (House Of The Rising Sun and You’re Not Going Out Dressed Like That) scheduled for release by Hot Rock Records but were dropped at last minute though some test pressings exist.
They changed their name for the Rhythmaires when Big Dave Machin joined the band in late 1982 then split before reforming in late 1983/early 84 with a more jump/jive sound.
Paul Murphy later joined the Crawdads.
The album The Rhythmaires - Tenth Anniversary Album (Raucous RAUCD006) features 10 demo tracks by White Lightnin’.

Country : Australia
Genre : Neo-rockabilly

Pony Gleeson: vocals, guitar
Tyron Shaw : double bass
Dan Nosovich: guitar
Geoff Townsley: guitar

When Phil Adams left the Psyclones in 1994, the decision was then made to change direction slightly. Their psychobilly obsession morphed into traditional and neo-rockabilly, swamp rock and dirty rhythm & blues, and that’s how The Slingshots were born.
After 5 or 6 lead guitarist changes over a period of six years or so the band recruited Dan Nosovich, who made his debut in the Slingshots. Dan became their final, and possibly their most suited, guitarist until the band’s final shows at the end of 1999 when Tyron eventually moved to Melbourne early 2000. During this time The Slingshots had included three interstate tours, released a debut EP/CD-Rom that included a film clip (one of the few bands to do such a release). Other milestones included performing on the 1999 Warped Tour and supporting Southern Culture on The Skids in 1998 during the Nitrobilly tour.
The Slingshots performed a reunion show in 2002 at Wintersun with Doug Wilshire filling in on lead guitar.

Country: Australia
Genre: Rockabilly

Dave Cantrell: vocals, guitar
Peter Baylor: guitar
Steve Purcell: doublebass
Ed Colbourne: drums

The Stringbusters were a Rockabilly band from the region of Melbourne and were active during the mid-80’s. They released one ep on Preston records (Let’s Go Boppin’ Tonight) in 1985. They eventually split but reformed in the late 90’s with Andrew Lindsay on drums and released a long play (Diggin’ A Hole), still on Preston, in 2002.

Country: Belgium
Genre: Rockabilly / Neo-rockabilly

Michel Texier aka Texas : vocals / guitar
Thierry Dupuis : doublebass
Saki : guitar
Gilbert : drums

The Tigermen formed in the second half of the 80’s in Belgium with well known name on the local scene coming from the Red Monkeys and the Swampy’s. They record one album (“Tigermen”) for Kix4u. It consists of a majority of up-tempo neo rockabillies with clean electric guitar, slap bass to the fore and light drums. If not very always original (half of the songs are covers and many of the 16 titles have similar tempo which is a bit monotonous) and despite a limited voice the result is rather pleasant. Highlights are “Johnny Was A Bad Boy”, a slow bluesy-jazz number with harp that sounds like a cross between Restless, the Wild Ones and Vaya Con Dios, “Tiger Stomp” an instrumental in the vein of Crazy Cavan’s “Crazy Rhythm”,the melancholic “Gone Gone Gone” and the almost psychobilly “Love In A Coffin” that reminds of the Long Tall Texans. Too bad some covers are just fillers (My Babe, Shake Your Money Maker, Tiger Man…) and reduce the quality of the final result.
In the early 90’s Texas moved to Bruxelles and left the band. They carried on with a new singer, Fabrisio, and a new drummer Jean but split around 1992.  They evolved into The Raggin’ Stuff to play White Rock.

Country : Australia
Genre : Rockabilly
Rupert Jenner: guitar, vocals
Jon Flynn : doublebass
Dean Kendal : drums

When Jon Flynn replaced Ben Conway in 1989, bringing the upright bass into the trio, the Shed Men became the Shakin’ Quavers.  They were a regular sight around Brisbane and both the North and South Coasts and were regularly touring to meet demand from
interstate.They released a self-titled EP in 1990 (Livin’ With You, Everybody’s Hero, Miss Fate, Honky Tonk Inn).
They reformed in 2011 and released a mini-album.

Country: Australia
Genre: Rockabilly
Rupert Jenner: guitar, vocals
Ben Conway: electric bass
Dean Kendal: drums

An energetic Rockabilly trio formed around 1987 that later morphed into the Shakin’ Quavers.

Country : Australia
Genre : Rockabilly
Kev Weidmann: vocals
Phil Adams: guitar
Sean O’Driscoll: guitar
Jon Flynn: doublebass
Marty Burke: drums
When Zorchmen drummer Tim O’Driscoll left the band, Tim Collett of The Convertibles introduced the band to drummer Marty Burke and the Wildcards were born. Bass player Jon Flynn left the band and was replaced by Ben Ely, who was school mates with band members Phil and Kev. Johny Doooner also joined the band on harmonica. Notably, The Wildcards was Ben Ely’s first band and he eventually went on to form Regurgitator.
The band discontinued at the end of 1990.