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Country: Holland
Genre: Neo-rockabilly / Psychobilly

Wim Van Der Heiden - guitar, lead vocals
Marcel Verbaas - upright bass
Robert Van Driesten - drums

Powerdog - Count OrlockR.O.C.K.13-C.O.C.K.13 [1992]

In 1988 Marcel Verbaas and Wim Van Der Heiden met on the streets after not having seen each other for about 3 years. They both knew each other from Jailhouse, a famous clubhouse in Rotterdam where lots of dedicated rock-and-roll and rockabilly fans used to meet each other during the weekends. They decided to put up a band and rehearsed for almost a year with different kinds of line-up, playing only covers. But from the moment Robert van Driesten joined the band in 1989, Marcel started to do the lead vocals and writing the band’s own material. They took the name of Powerdog.
The typical Powerdog-sound has it’s origin in the neo-billy sound of the early eighties, combined with Marcel’s experience as a rhythm-guitarist on heavy-metal music. Hence the use of the so called heavy chords but with the clean cut sound of a tube amplifier.
Two major highlights of Powerdog were the cd/lp release in 1992 by Count Orlok Music and once being the support act of Stray Cats in Paradiso Amsterdam, during their Murphy Tour.
Powerdog split up in 1994.

Infos taken from the band’s website

Country: Holland
Genre: Psychobilly/Rockabillly

Aris de Vries: Vocals, Guitar
Frank Bayer: Solo Guitar, Ukelele
Kay Kesting: Double Bass, T-bass
Richard Weydert: Washboard / Drums
Paul van de Groen.. - Drums (after Richard left

Crackle Rattle Bash.. started around 1986 when Kay and Aris performed in a squater’s building in Arnhem. Kay played his T-bass and Aris played guitar and sang. Afterwards they regularly played the streets of Amsterdam and one day Richard passed by and joined them on washboard. Much later they were asked to perform on the Cool Cat Go Ape album. Frank Bayer joined the band and in July 1987 they recorded their first on only album on the Count Orlok label. The washboard was switched for drums and the T-bass was dropped for the Double Bass. After many gigs in Holland, a short tour with Batmobile in Germany, and a change of drummer, Crackle Rattle Bash split around 1990.

Country: Holland
Genre: Neo-rockabilly

Rémi Groot: Guitar/ vocals
Jacco Buchholz: double bass/ vocals.
Beer Lutgens: drums (untill ‘88)
Ritchie Adams: drums (after ‘88). Rémi Groot: Guitar/ vocals.

Remi Groot met Jacoco Buchholz in 1985 during a concert of The Keytones. They got along well and decided to form a Rock’n’roll band. Buccholz knew a drummer, “Beerke”, and they started to rehearse on a hot summer day in. After sometime and a small repetoire they played some gigs at Remi’s school, later on in bars and festivals. In July 1986 they recorded in a small studio in Venlo their first demo “Gene’s gone” and “I feel the blues”. A year later after doing a lot of gigs together with The Keytones, The Chevy Cats, Restless etc. they recorded “Rockabilly Party” and “Let’s make some love” for Disky-records under supervision of Boz Boorer of The Polecats. It was on a compilation album with 6 other Rockabilly bands from the Netherlands. The release and presentation was at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. After Beerke left the band in 1988, Remy had to do his militairy duty, but kept on rockin’on with The Crazy Tones. Ritchie Adams then joined the band on drums. In 1989 they recorded for Tombstone records their first (and unique) album “She’s got what it takes”, a little masterpiece of neo-rockabilly. This album resulted in a lot of gigs arround Holland, Germany and Belgium. They also won the contest “the small-price of Utrecht” in 1990. The price: a track on a CD on the culty Kelt-records company. It was “If you wanna be the 1-4-me”. The Crazy Tones splitted-up in 1992 after a Good-bye-party at The Paradox, Boxtel, the Netherlands.

Country : Holland
Genre : Psychobilly / Neo-rockabilly

 Marcel van den Berg: vocals,guitar
Arie Versteeg: double bass
Raymond Fitsch: drums

Gamblin’ Fever – Count Orlock – ROCK V (1988)
Infant Years – Tombstone – Tomb-disc 679 (1990)
A Million Dollar Scam – Rockhouse - lp9114 (1991)

Scam, formed around 1986. They recorded their first demo in the winter of that same year which caught the attention of Eddie and Johnny of Count Orlock. In October 1988, they recorded « Gamblin’ Fever » their debut album which is very representative of the sound of the day: light drums, slap bass and a clean electric guitar, influenced by Restless and fellow Dutchmen Batmobile. The sound is good though a bit thin at places. They have solid original (Hangover, Captain Caveman, Ready Willing & Able) but the long distance (12 songs) tends to disadvantage the band and the album sounds a bit repetitive, they could have reduced it to eight solid songs.
The album was well received and the band found itself supporting big acts, playing bigger gigs and festivals (the Rockhouse Psychobilly meeting, Night of the longknives) and doing national radio performances. They soon received demand for a second album. Not having enough material for a new album they decided to re record old songs from the first demo together with some covers.The mini album called “Infant Years"was released on Tombstone Records in 1990. Despite an ugly cover, this mini lp shows an improvement. There’s not a big departure in term of sound but the band is tighter and the songs less repetitive.

Their last album (to date) came in 1991. Released on Rockhouse, A Million Dollar Scam marks a new step for the band. They add a good dose of rockin’ blues with harp, saxophone and slide guitar to their usual brand of light psychobilly/neo-rockabilly,. The set is varied and the song inspired. A guest singer is present on a couple of tracks. A very good album that shows the evolution and the maturity of the band. The cd version contains four bonus tracks.

They kept on playing but disbanded around 1993. Marcel remained active on the music scene. playing with the Penguin (Batmobile’s bassplayer side project) and can now be found in 69Beavershot, Triple Dynamite and Dee Ann & The Nightcaptains.
In 2005 they did a one of reunion show in original line up. A new album was announced but nothing materialized untill now.

Country: Holland
Genre: Psychobilly

Martijn Spanteren: guitar, vocals
Arjan de Witt: electric bass, vocals
Jottum: drums
Remko Visser: drums

The First Take Off - Tombstone TOMB-DISC 671 (1988)
Keep On Turning - Tombstone TOMB-DISC 675 (1989)
The Last Crusade - TombstoneTOMB-DISC 687(1992)

The Rockats, not to be confused with the famous American neo-rockabilly band, were a psychobilly trio from Amsterdam. They formed in November 1987 and in May of the following year they recorded their first album “The first Take Off” for Tombstone Records. It contains some good songs but the global sound is a bit “young”. One year later they released “Keep On Turning”, still on Tombstone, with their new drummer Remko Visser. “The Last Crusade”, their third and last album appeared in 1992 showing a slight change in the sound with more agressive melodies and a guitar flirting with hard rock.
After the band split, Remko Visser remained active, playing with Asmodeus.

Country: Holland
Genre: Psychobilly/Neo-Rockabilly

Patrick van Reijn - Guitars
Jeroen Kruiswijk - Vocals - Double bass
Arjan Kruiswijk - Drums n’ Screams
Tom van Houten - Guitars (1990-1991)

Es Feiv started as a punk band in 1980 with Patrick van Reijn and three friends (Paul – bass, Dirk – vocals and Henk – drums). In 1982 Henk left, Paul switched to drums and Jeroen Kruiswijk came in to play bass, but two years later the band split. They reunited in 1986 to do a Ramones-tribute tour, but in 1987 Paul left and once again the band split. Es Feiv came back in 1988 with Patrick (guitar), Jeroen (this time on double bass) and newcommer Dennis on drums with this time neo-rockabilly and psychobilly in mind. One month later they recorded the now sought after “Nous Nous Ok" ep (only 500 copies were made). Denis, busy with other bands, left and was replaced by Arjan, Jeroen’s younger brother. Numerous gigs led to a contract with Rockhouse/KIX4U and 1989 saw the release of "Cows In Motion". Then, Patrick who couldn’t combine his job with the band stopped playing and Tom Van Houten replaced him on guitar. The new trio wrote and rehearsed new material, played it on stage, but the band broke up before the new album (planned to be called “Johnny’s Neighbourhood”) saw the light of day.
In 2008, the line-up that recorded “Cows In Motion” got back together with plans are to gig and record a new album but nothing materialized.