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Country: Finland
Genre: Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Garage

Reverend West: vocals
Mikko Takala: vocals, guitar
Jimmy Cowboy: vocals, guitar
Mongo Guitar: vocals, tr (?)
Kimmo ‘Ed Coffin’ Haapea: bass
Hank Coffin: vocals, harmonica
Cat Rebies: drums

Fundamental Party Bop (1988)
Jesus Shakes My Nerves& rattles my Brain (1989)
Great! (1990)

Tom-A-Bility - TIK-8 (1992)

A very good band, though largely unknown today, from Finland. They formed around 1986 and were active in the late 80’s. Their singer /guitarist came from Tex and the Dixie Rebels a Teddy Boy band.
Their sound mixed early psychobilly with garage rock. They also played unusual covers like Talking Head’s Psycho Killer, Motorhead’s Overkill, The Cure’s Lovecats and The Human League's Dont You Want Me.

Country : France
Genre : Psychobilly

Bill : vocals
Kub : doublebass / b-vox
Erick : guitar / b-vox
V : drums / b-vox

The Pussykillers played  heavy psychobilly influenced by the Meteors and the early Coffin Nails. Actually, their singer shouted more than he sang.They released one single in 1989 (David Vincent les a vu /Zombie Rockers). They made some gigs with Thierry Petel (Happy Drivers) on drums but they split in the early 90’s. It seems that their guitar player comitted suicide.

Country : Holland
Genre : Psychobilly / Neo-rockabilly

 Marcel van den Berg: vocals,guitar
Arie Versteeg: double bass
Raymond Fitsch: drums

Gamblin’ Fever – Count Orlock – ROCK V (1988)
Infant Years – Tombstone – Tomb-disc 679 (1990)
A Million Dollar Scam – Rockhouse - lp9114 (1991)

Scam, formed around 1986. They recorded their first demo in the winter of that same year which caught the attention of Eddie and Johnny of Count Orlock. In October 1988, they recorded « Gamblin’ Fever » their debut album which is very representative of the sound of the day: light drums, slap bass and a clean electric guitar, influenced by Restless and fellow Dutchmen Batmobile. The sound is good though a bit thin at places. They have solid original (Hangover, Captain Caveman, Ready Willing & Able) but the long distance (12 songs) tends to disadvantage the band and the album sounds a bit repetitive, they could have reduced it to eight solid songs.
The album was well received and the band found itself supporting big acts, playing bigger gigs and festivals (the Rockhouse Psychobilly meeting, Night of the longknives) and doing national radio performances. They soon received demand for a second album. Not having enough material for a new album they decided to re record old songs from the first demo together with some covers.The mini album called “Infant Years"was released on Tombstone Records in 1990. Despite an ugly cover, this mini lp shows an improvement. There’s not a big departure in term of sound but the band is tighter and the songs less repetitive.

Their last album (to date) came in 1991. Released on Rockhouse, A Million Dollar Scam marks a new step for the band. They add a good dose of rockin’ blues with harp, saxophone and slide guitar to their usual brand of light psychobilly/neo-rockabilly,. The set is varied and the song inspired. A guest singer is present on a couple of tracks. A very good album that shows the evolution and the maturity of the band. The cd version contains four bonus tracks.

They kept on playing but disbanded around 1993. Marcel remained active on the music scene. playing with the Penguin (Batmobile’s bassplayer side project) and can now be found in 69Beavershot, Triple Dynamite and Dee Ann & The Nightcaptains.
In 2005 they did a one of reunion show in original line up. A new album was announced but nothing materialized untill now.

Country: Australia
Genre: Rockabilly

Dave Cantrell: vocals, guitar
Peter Baylor: guitar
Steve Purcell: doublebass
Ed Colbourne: drums

The Stringbusters were a Rockabilly band from the region of Melbourne and were active during the mid-80’s. They released one ep on Preston records (Let’s Go Boppin’ Tonight) in 1985. They eventually split but reformed in the late 90’s with Andrew Lindsay on drums and released a long play (Diggin’ A Hole), still on Preston, in 2002.

Country: UK
Genre: Neo-rockabilly

Steve Lovett: vocals, guitar
Gary Ven: vocals, doublebass
Keith Bailey: drums

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet - Fury Records
F3006 - 1989

Gary Venn started to learn double bass in the early 1980s. His teacher was Boz Boorer from the legendary Polecats. He soon teamed up with a school friend called Steve on guitar and they started to practice in his mum and dads garage. It all seemed to fall into place and they quickly found their own sound. Their drummer at that time was a guy called Carl. Things went well and the trio played lots of gigs at various rockin’ clubs around the country.They gained a good reputation and one evening after a gig they met Dell Richardson from Fury records who asked them to do some recordings for him on a couple of compilation albums (Gipsy Girl, I Love My Car, She’s Just Rockin’, Taken By Force). Then Carl left to emigrate to California. By chance they knew a fan of the band that also played drums. He was proposed the place that he accepted. This line-up recorded their unique album “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” still for Fury. It is a typical 80’s neo-rockabilly album with light guitar and snare and slap bass to the fore. Using the lp as a card the Niteshift Trio gained more gigs abroad, including Germany which they toured twice with the Guana Batz, Demented Are Go, the Deltas and various other top name. Unfortunately Steve decided to quit the band to become a solo country and western singer, which he still does now. Gary went on to form a new band called Loveless, a wild rock n roll band doing various rock n roll with a trashy sound, for which he switched from double bass to guitar and vocals enjoying playing and writing songs. Loveless toured Germany and went down a storm and it remains like a great experience for Gary.
"You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” has recently been re released on cd by Raucous including the compilation tracks as a bonus.
Today he no longer plays music and has moved from London to West Wales with his four daughters and a farmhouse by the sea and is still in contact with Steve and Carl.

Country: Belgium
Genre: Rockabilly / Neo-rockabilly

Michel Texier aka Texas : vocals / guitar
Thierry Dupuis : doublebass
Saki : guitar
Gilbert : drums

The Tigermen formed in the second half of the 80’s in Belgium with well known name on the local scene coming from the Red Monkeys and the Swampy’s. They record one album (“Tigermen”) for Kix4u. It consists of a majority of up-tempo neo rockabillies with clean electric guitar, slap bass to the fore and light drums. If not very always original (half of the songs are covers and many of the 16 titles have similar tempo which is a bit monotonous) and despite a limited voice the result is rather pleasant. Highlights are “Johnny Was A Bad Boy”, a slow bluesy-jazz number with harp that sounds like a cross between Restless, the Wild Ones and Vaya Con Dios, “Tiger Stomp” an instrumental in the vein of Crazy Cavan’s “Crazy Rhythm”,the melancholic “Gone Gone Gone” and the almost psychobilly “Love In A Coffin” that reminds of the Long Tall Texans. Too bad some covers are just fillers (My Babe, Shake Your Money Maker, Tiger Man…) and reduce the quality of the final result.
In the early 90’s Texas moved to Bruxelles and left the band. They carried on with a new singer, Fabrisio, and a new drummer Jean but split around 1992.  They evolved into The Raggin’ Stuff to play White Rock.

Country: Holland
Genre: Psychobilly

Martijn Spanteren: guitar, vocals
Arjan de Witt: electric bass, vocals
Jottum: drums
Remko Visser: drums

The First Take Off - Tombstone TOMB-DISC 671 (1988)
Keep On Turning - Tombstone TOMB-DISC 675 (1989)
The Last Crusade - TombstoneTOMB-DISC 687(1992)

The Rockats, not to be confused with the famous American neo-rockabilly band, were a psychobilly trio from Amsterdam. They formed in November 1987 and in May of the following year they recorded their first album “The first Take Off” for Tombstone Records. It contains some good songs but the global sound is a bit “young”. One year later they released “Keep On Turning”, still on Tombstone, with their new drummer Remko Visser. “The Last Crusade”, their third and last album appeared in 1992 showing a slight change in the sound with more agressive melodies and a guitar flirting with hard rock.
After the band split, Remko Visser remained active, playing with Asmodeus.

Country : Australia
Genre : Rockabilly
Rupert Jenner: guitar, vocals
Jon Flynn : doublebass
Dean Kendal : drums

When Jon Flynn replaced Ben Conway in 1989, bringing the upright bass into the trio, the Shed Men became the Shakin’ Quavers.  They were a regular sight around Brisbane and both the North and South Coasts and were regularly touring to meet demand from
interstate.They released a self-titled EP in 1990 (Livin’ With You, Everybody’s Hero, Miss Fate, Honky Tonk Inn).
They reformed in 2011 and released a mini-album.

Country: Australia
Genre: Rockabilly
Rupert Jenner: guitar, vocals
Ben Conway: electric bass
Dean Kendal: drums

An energetic Rockabilly trio formed around 1987 that later morphed into the Shakin’ Quavers.

Country: Australia
Genre: Psychobilly

Pony: vocals, rhythm guitar
Phill Adams: guitar
Tyron Shaw: doublebass
Geoff Townsley: drums

This Australian psychobilly band performed from 1990 to 1994. They were inspired by early European psychobilly combos like The Krewmen, Batmobile, Nekromantix, Demented Are Go, etc. They had a few tunes of their own and also played covers like Batmobile’s 100 Pounds of trouble and Guana Batz’s Love Me.
After Phill left the band to concentrate on his side project, a band called Blister that was finding success, they changed their style and morphed into the Slingshots.